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Special Afternoon Post… The Man Behind the Madness

Posted on June 17, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Special Afternoon Post….

A Conversation with the Man Behind the Spartan Race Series

I was lucky to have a one-on-one meeting with Joe Desena, the founder of the Spartan Race series and Peak Races, here in VT this afternoon. I walked into the office to find him behind three computer screens, on the phone with his race crew in Virginia ordering more barbed wire for tomorrow’s course. At the same time he was answering emails and had his bike shorts on ready to hop on his spin bike, two feet from his desk at a moments notice. I was lucky to observe a snapshot of what he does in a day during our two hour meeting at his office.

We talked about Spartan Race Series and other races that are competition and how the sport can grow in the future. We talked a bit about the upcoming Spartan Beast here in Killington, VT and it sounds like it is going to be EPIC. He is planning a bonfire during packet pickup on that Friday night, followed by the race on Saturday, a huge party Saturday Night to celebrate the day and race. He and his crew have worked out with the Town of Killington amazing lodging deals for the weekend. If you are interested in obstacle races at all this event should take the cake! Even if you don’t want to compete come and watch and be part of the experience. I left his office with even more excitement for the upcoming Spartan Beast as well as a Death Race hat with I will be sporting around for sure in an upcoming training session!

One Note… to you Death Racers, I did find out fish will indeed be part of the race. In what capacity I don’t know but fish will be involved. He didn’t give any indication either way about the shoes rumor. Good luck to all you Death Racers next weekend. I am excited to come and watch some of the madness.