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Weekly Roundup of Articles

Posted on July 20, 2014 by Margaret Schlachter

This weeks round up of news and articles from around the web…

Video Highlights

Reebok Spartan Race to Air on NBC Sports on July 22

Set your machines…


Kacy Catanzaro at the 2014 Dallas Finals | American Ninja Warrior



Top 5 Toughest OCR’s

“OCR, also referred to as non-traditional races, is a diverse group of events everything from a mud run or obstacle race to the more extreme challenges and extreme endurance events. We have compiled a list of the must do’s of the most challenging events in the world of OCR. They are some of the most iconic events in the sport and are on the bucket list of all OCR enthusiasts from the weekend warrior to the hardened professional”.[Full Article]


35 Ways to Get Better at Obstacle Racing and Mud Runs

 “After a few mud runs or obstacle races it’s easy to catch the bug and dive into the OCR lifestyle. Once in it you know that it’s more than just racing and truly it’s a full change of your life. Below are a list of ways to improve your experiences in the world of OCR. Pick and choose what works best for you and implement those into your life and racing”[Full Article]


Badass Dash Explained

Badass Dash is a newer race series to enter into the OCR world however it has already been showcased at some large stages in the extreme sports world. The Badass Dash is a competitive obstacle racethat in 2014 hosts 11 events in the United States and Canada. This obstacle race features four divisions elite, recreational, kids, and K9. Awards are presented to those in each of the categories”[Full Article]


Going Primal  – 3 Workouts to Add into Your Workout

“Movement is the most fundamental and primal things we do as humans. Each day we go through our daily lives rarely thinking about exactly how we move through space. However, it is the most important thing we can think about each day. A great way to add variety to your workout and give you a better awareness of your own body is animal movements. Especially in obstacle racing andmud runs where participants often find themselves having to crawl, climb and navigate in strange new ways”[Full Article] 


Industry News

Out of Order – When Races Fail

MudRunGuide.com – “This is not an article I want to write, and I have been avoiding it for days. A couple weeks. Over a year.

The hard fact is this; businesses fail. It happens every day, all over the globe. Whether they are a Detroit carmaker or the corner bakery, the collapse of these businesses inflict plenty of damage – both primary (the owners, employees, banks, etc.) and collateral (those employees’ families, 3rd parties, and customers) and he fallout can get pretty ugly; social media makes damn sure that happens.”… [Full Article]

 An Open Discussion on the Costs and Future of Obstacle Racing

From RelentlessForwardCommotion.com – “I’m not one to deliver breaking headline news.  Truth be told I couldn’t if I tried, my average computer start up time in the morning is hovering around 34 minutes and our internet reliability is as spotty as the New England weather (but wait five minutes, it’ll change.)   Regardless, if per chance you missed the news, the ever popular “fun run” obstacle race 5K Foam Fest announced last night that they have gone bankrupt and have cancelled all future races…” [Full Article]


Is Spartan Race Crushing OCR Competition

From MudRunGuide.com – “It has been said  “all is fair in love and war” and “there’s no such thing as friends in business”; the sport of OCR seems to be developing some sort of new David and Goliath battle that will take place this fall at 3 different spots across the US. The weekend of October 25 & 26 is shaping up to be a defining showdown in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing and possibly critical to the growth and development of OCR as a recognized “sport”.Developing Story and Full Article


More Free Transfers and Race Shakeup Corrections

ObstacleRacingMedia.com – “After a couple of days of speculation, 5k Foam Fest officially called it quits. A full statement can be found on their website.

Yesterday, Human Movement offered race registrations to some of their events as a courtesy to those who purchased 5kFoam Fest tickets. Today, Red Frog Events, decided to help out as well. Red Frog Events, most famous for producing the Warrior Dash, has stepped in to offer 2014-2015 registrations to some of their events.  Red Frog sent us the following statement this afternoon.”[Full Article]