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A Different Type of Cupcake

Posted on April 10, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

It’s really no secret I love cupcakes. To me they are better than cake because they are your own personal cupcake. I have been known to watch and episode or two of cupcake wars. So when I was getting ready for my friend birthday the other day I knew he wasn’t planning on a cake so I thought I would bring cupcakes. ┬áIt was a big birthday so what better way to celebrate than cupcakes! Although his diet makes this not so simple.

So I began the task to find on Easter Sunday a grocery store that was a. open and b. had a gluten-free and vegan section. I don’t suggest trying this at home, especially if your home is in Vermont. Well three attempts at stores later I found a lone box of a gluten-free, vegan, and refined sugar free chocolate muffin mix. It would have to do. I got back to kitchen and started to make these muffins, what might you ask is in a gluten-free, vegan, refined sugar free muffin.

The next step was on to making the frosting. Now I knew that I could slip in some yogurt as he is not a strict vegan and I had wanted to try a recipe written by one of my Team Gaspari athletes Jaime Baird, although I opted just for the frosting recipe. Making the frosting was easy, I added about half a scoop of Myofusion Pro to a couple dollops of non-fat greek yogurt. Talk about a protein punch to top the muffins. I made two types of frosting a banana (my favorite) and a chocolate raspberry frosting which had ground up freeze-dried raspberries in the mix. Three I made for those a little afraid of a protein powder frosting (which is amazingly good) with the greek yogurt and some pistachio pudding mix whipped together. I garnished the cupcakes in my attempt to make them look fancy and was off to the party.

To my great surprise they were a hit at the party and actually tasted pretty good. I still prefer the traditional sugar packed treat every once in a while but this was a great alternative and while not exactly nutritious it did pack a nice amount of protein and other healthy ingredients.