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Day 88… What I Eat

Posted on September 2, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
After a trip to the Farmers Market and My Garden

As my body rests it allows me time to write about other parts of my training. Recently many people have asked me, “What do you eat?” I guess it’s time to spill it on how I fuel my body, a disclaimer I eat what works for me and by no means is this the best diet for an athlete in training.

I have a few staples in my diet. I love beans, quinoa, cheese, yogurt, granola, and oatmeal. My typical day starts out with a bowl of oatmeal or yogurt and granola. If I am craving protein, yes I crave protein these days, I will make myself a Margaret Breakfast Burrito which includes, scrambled eggs, quinoa, refried beans, Cabot cheddar cheese, in a sprouted wheat wrap. I like to add in some hot sauce as well to give it a kick. Especially, in the winter oatmeal (pain) is great before heading out on the mountain with a little bit of maple syrup mixed in, its perfect.
My Garden 2010

Normally throughout the morning I have another sort of snack, nuts, fruit, basically whatever I feel my body needs that day. My lunch time favorite is basically my morning wrap minus the eggs and add in some lettuce. I love lots of different sandwiches, Rubens are a favorite for a special treat.

Add in another afternoon snack before I finish up work for the day. I normally get this snack in before I workout.
Dinner time I have a lot of salads, fish, or whatever else I have around and that is in season. My basic principles of eating at least in the summer months is to eat seasonal and local. I love fresh fruit and veggies from my garden. In the winter when the school I work at is in session I eat whatever our cooks make for us. Luckily, I work and live at a school for athletes so our food is pretty good!

Training Fuel

My favorite pre-race and post hard run food is Pizza. I know I know this in no way is on any special diet but well I like it and it makes me eat post workout. When I am in the middle of a run or long workout I fuel myself every 45 minutes with a mix of Luna Bars, Clif Shot, and Clif Bloks (basically gummies). I intake a mix of this during each training session. My favorite Luna bars are the chocolate raspberry, the new coconut one and chocolate peppermint. The chocolate Cherry Clif Shot is my favorite when on a run. One note is that if you are taking in a Gu or Gel follow it up with some water to better wash it down. Finally, the Clif Bloks are great on the go as you can pop them in and keep moving. 

The most important thing for me while running is to have an abundance of water. I use a large camelbak for anything longer than eight miles, anything shorter I wear a hydration belt with two small water bottles on it. On very long runs if I am in town I might need to get an electrolyte drink along the route in the woods, I normally stick to water and bars and such. But having some Gatorade can’t hurt in a pack if you are going for hours in the woods. After runs I have a protein 4:1 powder to help me recover. Normally I drink it while I am sitting in my ice bath warming back up.
All caught and grown by me.

Basically, I eat by what my body wants and I do not limit myself to anything. When I work out a lot I eat more. I drink a lot of water each day and stray away from a lot of prepackaged foods and sugary sodas. I try to eat whole foods and love my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in the summer. Moderation is key! 

Diet and eating is extremely personal and I think the most important thing is to find a diet that you can live with and that you not be so restrictive you feel you need to do that late night binge.
I do take a daily multivitamin pack for athletes along with Glucosamine Chondroitin supplement, and Branched Chain Amino Acids  on tough workout days. In terms of caffeine I stay away from coffee an get my fix with tea. Mocean Mate is a favorite when I am on the run or after a workout. 
Just remember food shouldn’t be just about fuel it should be about enjoyment and don’t feel guilty if you are at a friends house or on vacation and go off your plan. Get home and you can get back on your plan. Food is fun and should be enjoyed.
The only tip I would give is when grocery shopping stick to the outside of the store, almost nothing you NEED is in the aisles.