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Evening Snacks

Posted on January 11, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

With my dinner time each evening qualifying me for the early bird special I find I get hunger again before it’s time to go to bed. Normally, I try to just drink some more water or a small snack. I know eating before bed disrupts sleep patterns and is not the best idea for many other reasons, but I get hungry.

I get hungry especially after hitting the bike for about 45 minutes and following up with some core today. I hadn’t been able to find the time to get anything in with work for the past two days and meetings. I slipped into the gym as the kids in the school left for gym night at the local elementary school and enjoyed an hour to myself and some piece and quiet. Spinning can get boring but the quiet does not! Especially when you live in a boarding school were noise is always abound. I also tried out a new workout tool tonight which I will be writing about in the next few days.

After my spin however, I was hungry and real hungry. So I made a snack I hadn’t in a whole popcorn, not the microwave kind. It’s the old fashioned way to make it on the stove with some olive oil. Instead of butter and salt I added my favorites, Maple Pepper and Braggs Liquid Aminos.

When thinking about what to write about tonight I realized most people don’t know about liquid aminos and for popcorn they are a favorite with me followed by nutritional yeast. Yes it’s all the hippie granola stuff, and it was my more granola friends that turned me onto it. But it’s good! It’s also a good alternative to massive amounts of butter and salt.

Bragg Liquid Amino’s look like a soy sauce and are advertised as a replacement for soy sauce as it is make from NON-GMO soybeans. It is basically a liquid protein concentrate which includes 16 different Amino Acids:

* Alanine
* Arginine
* Aspartic Acid
* Glutamic Acid
* Glycine
* Histidine
* Isoleucine
* Leucine
* Methionine
* Phenylalanine
* Proline
* Serine
* Threonine
* Tyrosine
* Valine
* Lysine

Check out theĀ Bragg Website for all the details. So for tonight I lost the battle with the late night snack but it let me to share my take on a bowl of popcorn with you all. The Maple Pepper gives it that extra kick!