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Ep. 109 – Leanne Vogel – Talking Keto and Finding Balance in Your Diet

Posted on June 19, 2018 by Margaret Schlachter


Leanne Vogel is back on the podcast this week! Leanne was last on the podcast (Episode 30) talking all about her book The Keto Diet, and Keto for women. Since recording with her she and her husband have moved out of their house and into a large RV. We caught up with her while she was in Ohio and about to head out on her second book tour.

In this episode, we chat about maintaining Keto for the long haul. Where fruit can fit into a keto diet, if at all. We chat about some of the challenges of staying in the Keto lifestyle while constantly on the road and traveling. Leanne also chats about why we need to all be a little softer on ourselves if we slip up. Actually, she says there is no falling off the wagon and talks about changing that mindset.

I ask her about sugar alcohols and other low glycemic sweeteners. Also what she sees for the future of Keto as it has become more popularized in the mainstream, on health podcasts and other media. It’s an information packed episode.

Leanne is always one to speak her mind when it comes to health and nutrition. Her bestselling book The Keto Diet and popular podcast The Keto Diet Podcast offer realistic approaches for both men and women to maintain a balanced fat fueled diet.

It was a pleasure catching up with her for this episode. For Patreon supporters we have the whole video conversation available there as well as two PDF’s – How to Start Keto and 5 Proven Ways to Stop Cravings and Carb Addition free for all our Patreon supporters. Not a Patreon supporter yet? Click here to support the show.


Episode 109 – Leanne Vogel



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Website: https://www.healthfulpursuit.com/

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