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Dirt in Your Skirt Beast Announcement

Posted on August 26, 2013 by Margaret Schlachter

Godbout to Race for Dirt in Your Skirt at Reebok Spartan Race World Championships


From the beginnings of Dirt in Your Skirt, I have always wanted to promote obstacle course racing and more importantly women in sports. From an early age I have seen the importance of women in sports and why we need to support one another. Dirt in Your Skirt added athlete ambassadors this year to the company as a way to give a group of women a chance to tell their stories. Today we are proud to announce the next step for Dirt in Your Skirt! Although we are a small company, and almost all of the profits generated are invested back into the company. From time to time I am compelled to help those around me when I can. Today we are happy to announce we are sponsoring our first athlete!


487361_550959864937661_479877675_nClaude Godbout, will be racing for Dirt in Your Skirt at the Spartan Race World Championships this September in Vermont. The event is due to be broadcast on NBC Sports and will be the biggest race to date in the sports short history. Godbout, recently put out a call to help her get to the Spartan Race World Championships and defend her 2012 title, and Dirt in Your Skirt answered.


This past year she has put all of her effort into a bid at the Sochi Olympics, as a member of the Canadian National Biathlon Team. We know the dedication it takes to make the Olympics and when she put out the call to get to the Spartan World Championships this year we had to answer. Although Biathlon is her main focus she loves obstacle course racing and has raced Spartan Races in the US, Canada, and Slovakia. She may not be a mainstream name in the sport but all of us racing, we certainly know who she is and are excited for her to return and defend her title.




Godbout, has been at every Vermont Spartan Beast, in 2011 (her first OCR) she took second, in 2012 she won (Beast and Ultra Beast). I first met Claude at the 2011 beast and from the beginning a friendship was started. We watch her biathlon career during the winter and are always excited when she can make it to an OCR around her biathlon training and Olympic bid. Claude is excited to come back and tackle the mountain once again racing for Dirt in Your Skirt.


We couldn’t be happier to be able to help support her and are excited to see what she does on the mountain this year with a new batch of racers. She is at home in the mountains and training currently north of Calgary in preparations for her bid at the Sochi  Games. We at Dirt in Your Skirt are committed to helping those achieve their goals and continue to inspire those around them. It is safe to say Claude Godbout inspires us all at Dirt in Your Skirt!