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5K Foam Fest – Salt Lake City Preview

Posted on August 28, 2013 by Margaret Schlachter

5K Foam Fest comes to Salt Lake City this weekend. A departure from the typical Obstacle Course Races I run, in fact this one isn’t a race at all but a Mud Run. There is a subtle difference see this article, Mud Runs vs. Obstacle Course Races. 5K Foam Fest proves to be an interesting departure from the intense racing circuit and a chance to get back to the roots of the sport and just have a little fun.


No racing the clock this weekend, instead a chance to laugh, be silly and have fun with foam and mud all mixed together. The race takes place at This is the Place Heritage Park and late registration is still open. You can register here.


Although a departure from my normal races, this one is the perfect jump back into racing since my injury in mid-June. No pressure of the clock or competitors around me, I have a chance to focus on the obstacles, focus on my body and really just have some fun. And FUN is the name of the game at 5K Foam Fest. Look forward to an in-depth post race report of this Mud Run after the weekend is over.