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One Year Later – The Beast

Posted on August 7, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

Milestones in life often happen without us even realizing them. It is only later in life, once we are far removed from the actual event that the gravity of it sinks in. This time last year I was in a daze. Life was about to change and I didn’t know it yet. Today is the one year anniversary since the first Spartan Race Beast held in Killington, Vermont. At this point in the night I was completely overwhelmed with emotion and with who would become some of my go to women in life. It’s safe to say it was a special day.

YOU JUST GOT CHICKED! – Blog post from the Killington Beast 1 year ago.

It is hard for me to recreate the emotions I felt that day in a blog a year later. However, reading over it again today, I can almost feel like I am there. Many of the emotions I felt then have passed while others seem to have only intensified. We all can learn from our past and rereading this tonight helps me to look at the rest of the season with a different light. It also lets me know how far I have come and how much life has changed in the last 365 days!

Rereading this post made me chuckle as Irene Call, I am happy to say, is now a good friend and the brother-in-law in the post we talked about is now a major part of my life. (At that point we were friends who had only met once) Life takes unpredictable turns and I have learned on thing in the last year; take no experience or opportunity for granted. Things in life happen for reasons, many unknown to us at the time.

As I prep for this coming weekend to head to Amesbury the place of my second ever Spartan Race back in 2010 I have no doubt the memories of the past will creep into life over the week and weekend. A strange post tonight but it was not until a couple hours ago I was reminded that it had been one year since the Beast and really one year since my life really changed.