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Past Revisited… GORUCK Class 063

Posted on March 14, 2013 by Margaret Schlachter


Last night was the live announcement of Crossfit Open workout 13.2. As I saw the pictures go up for the head to head battle gym, instantly I recognized the place. This was the same place that my friend Maurya use to work out at during her Wimp to Spartan campaign while she was working for Spartan Race. I remember this particular trip so well because this was the weekend of 9/11/11 and the same weekend I did my first GORUCK challenge.


IMG_2021It was a few weeks after Hurricane Irene had ravaged Vermont and my town at the time was still picking up the pieces. To get to New York City I had to first drive down to the next town where the road had completely washed away. Take a shuffle (local people driving others in there cars) to the footpath that would take me to town. That was all before I would stay at a friends house for the night before I would board a train to NYC. Normally this trip was only a 5-6 hour drive from my house but not post Irene.


Below are my accounts from that weekend in New York. My experience doing a GORUCK and becoming part of class 063. It was a memorable experience and all came back to me last night with the look at one picture. Note below this was when I still counted days since I started the blog.

Team Pic


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