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Spartan Race – Ultra Beast 2013

Posted on September 20, 2013 by Margaret Schlachter

It’s the last week where the nerves kick up in the obstacle racing world. The lense tightens on a small town of about 1,000 in Vermont and for one weekend it becomes the epicenter of the sport. It’s the week of the Spartan Race World Championships and the Ultra Beast in Vermont.


If you are on Facebook and have friends in the sport, it’s hard to deny the buzz people have about the race. Our Aussie friends have already boarded a plane and hoping across an ocean to take on the Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, and more for this race. The NBC television cameras are prepping as NBC Sports covers the Championship Race. People are making predictions about the course, who will win, and if it is truly going to be as tough as Norm Koch the course designer and race director has been taunting the world with.


The weekend has grown from it’s trip to Vermont in 2011. That was the race the Spartan Chicks were started, when a small group of us banded together to help Carrie Adams out with an idea. It was the first Spartan Race Beast, held days before my birthday and would be my first OCR podium. This year the race has blown up, not only is the championship race on Saturday but also a sprint race and the Biggest Loser Heat. On Sunday this year the Ultra Beast takes place for it’s second year, as well as a charity challenge. Along with other kids races and junior spartan races, needless to say Vermont is the place to be this weekend.


Many have asked me where I am personally at, what race am I competing in, how is the ankle, etc… Last year at this time I went radio silent as I wished to stay away from the hype. This year I am amused watching it all. So as for me… I am not 100% healed from my ankle injury in June. The injury was much worse than first thought, I have spent the summer struggling to heal in time for the weekend. So instead of stressing this year I am enjoying the experience and enjoying the ride. Not having to race until Sunday gives me the chance to enjoy Friday evening.


So for this year I say good luck to all racing, and remember enjoy the experience because years later the results fade away but the experiences last and stories grow as the years fade away.