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Surprise Race

Posted on February 29, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

Impulse buys, for most people it’s a candy bar at check out, the magazine on the rack or sometimes a new pair of shoes. I have a new found affinity for impulse races. Yes, I decide to do races with little to no notice. I did this with the GORUCK Challenge getting invited literally two days before the event to join the class. I have a set race schedule for the season which can be found on the Race Schedule but then there are the other races the surprise races. These are the ones I don’t talk about but keep tucked away. The 2012 Peak Snowshoe Challenge is one of them.


My first official race of the season will be the Hero Rush in Maryland on April 28 it’s a recent add, more details on that to come later. My first really big race will be the Peak Ultra 50 miler on May 11. That and the Death Race are the two biggies on the horizon. However in the last week while prepping to help my training partner Jason aka Barn Beast get ready for the 100 snowshoe race this weekend. This is the race he earned his nickname last year after just moving to Vermont. So what do you do when your training partner is going to snowshoe 100 miles well, I decided to add another race to the schedule. No not into the 100 miler yet, maybe next year.

So for me it’s the snowshoe marathon. Not only will it be the first snowshoe race I have done but it will also be my first official marathon. Sure I did an ultra but jumped from a 10K and 10 mile obstacle races to an Ultra skipping over the time honored distance of the marathon, until now! Of course I didn’t choose a simple road race and will be doing this on a mountain on snowshoes. I have never been one for the conventional route. It might take all day but I’ll get it done. Thanks to the organizers at Peak Races for letting me do my run on Friday with the 100 milers since I will be working on Saturday when the rest of the crowd takes off. In reality, while pacing Jason I will probably end up doing well over a marathon but time will tell.

So it’s just about time to strap on a pair of snowshoes and go run/hike a marathon. I can guarantee I will not be the fastest but it will be a great training opportunity and why not we finally have snow, lets go! It’s not too late to register, their is a fun run 10K (6.5 mile) option, a half marathon, full marathon, and 100 miler for the really brave. Why not add a surprise race to your schedule and join me at the Peak Races Snowshoe Challenge this weekend? Oh and that other race, The Winter Death Race will be happening at the same time so you can always watch their sufferfest.

Check out Peak Races for all the details.