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21 Climbs

Posted on April 12, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

Following the orders from my PT my day started with a series of hip strengthening exercises as well as a good amount of stretching. In the gym alone it was calm and I enjoyed a beautiful morning, the one in which the moon jumps at you in front of the blue bird sky. I must admit when you stop and really do each movement the exercises are more rigorous, well not that rigorous but require thought. After a nice forty minute session in the gym I went about my day.

I was excited to get to work with Steve at Green Mountain Rock Climbing this afternoon. He always has something new and different. I got to the gym feeling a little fatigued, not exactly sure why but I was. I started bouldering around the gym as I always do, when I got to the last wall of the gym I felt myself tiring already. This was going to make for a long hour together.

After the warm-up we moved into the main workout. Today we would attempt to have me climb 21 climbs in 50 minutes. We started with seven 5.7’s then moved onto eight 5.8’s then six 5.6’s. Feeling fatigued I wasn’t able to just muscle through climbs as I have in the past, instead today I slowed it down. Each move and grab I thought about, mindful climbing. I stopped everything around me and just climbed methodically. This is one of the first times I think I can say I truly climbed. Arms pumped, muscles quivered, and I pulled mentally beyond what I thought I could do. As I made the last ascent of the session  I could feel the moves and felt like I was climbing. Steve said to me, just enjoy the climb and today even in the hardest moves I just climbed.

Today, I leave with this video. I posted it to my FB page today but just love the idea. Basically, Nike gives him money to make a promo for a product, he literally takes the money and runs around the world.