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A Tale of Two Flowers

Posted on February 14, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

To be completely honest, I am tapped out of good workout tails today. I started my day and week with a ninety minute yoga class which has set my week off in the right direction. I have been calm and productive all day. I could write about how I got bored tonight and decided to wear my new weight vest fully loaded for the night while on duty but it’s not too inspiring, just kind of silly.

So instead I will regale you with how I acquired flowers today for doing absolutely nothing and not from my boyfriend either which makes it that much better. So instead today is a step-by-step on how to get a fresh bouquet of flowers delivered the day before Valentine’s Day.

I call it the Tale of Two Flowers:

1. Greg (co-worker) and Gretchen (Spartan Chick) are friends.

2. Greg helps Gretchen get some ski equipment for her kids out in California.

3. Gretchen knows me through Spartan Race and Spartan Chicked. We met once when she was in Vermont on business.

4. Flowers are not delivered on-time.

5. Gretchen calls the florist because of confusion the florist offers an extra bouquet for the mix-up.

6. Greg & I get flowers today!


Funniest part about this whole thing, Gretchen when sending flowers totally forgot that Valentines Day is tomorrow! So two bouquets ended up at my work today, which had nothing to do with tomorrow. Thanks Gretchen for the flowers, a good story, and a laugh! They have added a nice look to my office!