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A Tale of Two Workouts

Posted on February 3, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

After a mere four and a half hour seemingly nap, I called a night’s sleep last night, the alarm went off. I roused myself into the shower standing letting the warm water hit my face and bring me back to life. All I knew was that this mornings workout would be with Joe Desena, Spartan Race Founder, and Jason Jaksetic. These two combined make for an exceptional workout each time we are all together.

Just past 5:00am Jason and I made our way down his icy driveway towards Joe’s house. We met Joe, he was wearing about 40lbs on his weight vest and his choice of shoes were not the snowshoes that Jason and I clad but in telemark ski boots.

We set off, off to the top of Joe’s Mountain. However, instead of staying on the trails we blazed our own way up in the dark. All the while testing a new possible product, that I am not able to fully disclose but all I can say is it might become a pretty popular training partner in the future. Joe and I reached the peak and quickly we turned and headed back down to the world as the first light of dawn came into the sky.

I love the training sessions with these two guys. Our discussions are always interesting and diverse. At the end of the trip we were discussing different philosophers and their roles in the foundation of modern day society. Did I mention it was still before 7:00am? Heavy topics we discuss at such hours. After the workout was over I headed off to work to another marathon of meetings at work.

Most of the day however I was looking forward to the end of my day. As today was the day I got back into going to yoga. I made a vow to myself to get there once a week again. As I walked in the door I was a little nervous as I worried that my year off yoga would lead to a painful reentry.

The focus on our class today was hips. It was as if Karen read my mind as it was actually what I needed. Her hour and a half long class also gave me the opportunity to just slow down. It’s been a slow process getting my brain to un-clutter itself and be able to focus on the task at hand. Really the only thought I had as I twisted my body around was that I had a distinct craving for sushi. Hunger, yes the only thought that went through my mind. As the class progressed, I could feel a wave of calm rush over me. At the end I was able to sit and just breathe if only for a few minutes. No thoughts, no pressing emails, just air entering and exiting my body.

As class concluded, I rolled up my mat and called in an order for sushi. I got home and my fortune cookie could not have been timed more perfectly or reflect me so well. So as today closes and two very different workouts came together in one unity today, I reflect back on my fortune cookie which simply said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” A simple thought to close my night.