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A Video is Worth 1000 Words

Posted on May 11, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

With my arms, abs and legs still sore from some hard workouts in the last two days I opted out of a lot of typing and instead bring you a video of the workout. My weekly workout with Steve is always something interesting. Since I never know what the workout is going to be I focused on legs with a circuit workout on Tuesday. Normally, Steve focuses on my upper body however yesterday was a little different…

Note to self next time be ready for anything. I may move my off days to the day BEFORE working out with Steve. Thanks Steve and Green Mountain Rock Climbing for another great workout this week! Still feeling it today. For now until Saturday I am resting before the Peak 30 starts on Saturday morning. Lots and lots of water to drink over the next couple of days! See you at the starting line.