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A Walk In The Woods

Posted on March 2, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

I sit here and sip my coffee the sun has yet to rise over the Green Mountains. An electricity is in the air, a feeling in the house, it’s race day. For me I will be going for over a marathon. For Jason he will be going after the 100 miler for the second year in a row. It’s that time of year for the Peak Snowshoe Challenge.

My race will be slow and steady, more like a walk or hike. This is will be the longest amount of time I have spent on snowshoes to date I think the longest distance I have done is about ten miles. I haven’t pushed my body further than in the teens in the last two months. This will be a test, a test to jump back into the distance waters.

I took some major time off, maybe too much. But now it’s time to go out and see what this body is capable of. So for me when I say race a snowshoe marathon, I most likely will be the slowest one out there but I will get it done and cross the finish line. Then it’s time to keep going and help pace Jason throughout the night. For me this race isn’t about speed it’s about going out and testing the capabilities of my body at this singular moment in time.

Off to the snowshoe races… Check out the Facebook and Twitter feed for updates throughout the next day.