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Posted on January 25, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

Alarm goes off at 6am. I hate mornings, yes I said it morning workouts are the worst. Today, I totally forgot where I was when the alarm went off, no bueno. I have learned one thing about my body in the past year or so getting back into training. When I am tired and when my body is tired. When I wake up not knowing where I am in the world, yeah it’s a sign.

Recently, I have had some late nights including last night. Look for me each Tuesday night on Spartan Radio from how on. I love being on the show and the radio but it makes for a long Tuesday after long workdays on Mondays. So when the alarm went off this morning I took the time to let my body soak up what it really needed, rest, at least for another hour or so.

Training was suppose to start with my trainer again at Green Mountain Rock Climbing this week, but due to a climbing competition we are moving to next week. It looks like tonight will be another long ride on the bike in the gym. Not a bad way to round out a day. I’ll catch up on some TV shows on Hulu and otherwise just relax into the ride. Shooting for another hour and a half to two hour ride.