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Becoming an Icewoman – Week 2 Check-in of the Wim Hof Method

Posted on January 12, 2017 by Margaret Schlachter


Getting near the end of week 2 of the Wim Hof Method 10-week online course. This has been a tough week with Outdoor Retailers in Salt Lake City so finding the time for the Wim Hof practices has been more challenging as I have been rushing to run out the door each morning. With that said I have been somewhat staying on track.

Sunday is the day we start each new week of the program. This week is similar to week one in terms of breathing and stretching but have added in a push-up routine into the practice. It has been interesting to see the developments in my push-ups. Which are one of my weaknesses! Today, I did over twenty while not breathing during the exercise as prescribed in the video. Good for me although I am not breaking any records.

The other part of this week is the shower protocol. This week you start with 30 seconds of cold water then transition to a hot shower, then cold, then hot, then cold again. The purpose is to start to train your body to quickly adapt to the changing temperatures. The first part is the worst but then the other two cold immersions are not terrible. I aim to do both the breathing and the showers at least five out of the seven days of the week which allows a little wiggle room for life. This seems like the most realistic approach for me.



Becoming the Iceman Book


There are increasingly more books coming out about Wim Hof, his technique, and his story. My partner has been interested in Wim for a while so to help understand Wim and his practices and teaching I have been picking up the books currently published. The first book was Becoming the Iceman.

This is definitely and interesting look into the life of Wim and a young kid called Justin Rosales and the relationships they form. The book goes between Wim’s recounting his experiences and Rosales his journey. Both men tell of their journeys and lessons in the cold.

For me, it was must run to read about Rosales taking the leap and the zeal he had jumping into the search for truth when it comes to the cold. I enjoyed the book and many of the stories I had heard before but after reading I feel I have a deeper understand of who Wim Hof is and what his mission is.