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Becoming an Icewoman: Week 5 Wim Hof Method Check-in

Posted on February 4, 2017 by Margaret Schlachter

I have made it halfway through the Wim Hof 10-Week Online Course. This week had a huge challenge in each day attempting a 10-minute cold shower in addition to the breathing exercises and yoga movements.

For me this week I managed the cold shower four out of the seven days and the on other days I did the 1 minute cold – warm – 1 minute cold. So while I was one day short of getting it done five out of the seven it was still an accomplishment for me to make it through those four showers.


On the breathing side of it all, my holds in between rounds has increased and managed to go without breath for 2:39 seconds during this past week and many holds well over two minutes. In the beginning of the program, I was struggling for 1:30. Progress has definitely happened.


This week the biggest movement added to the stretching and yoga routine was the peacock. When peeking around online about the yoga movement I came across this 80+-year-old yoga teacher, Bette Calman, doing the move still which definitely helped this week as I have struggled with it and finding the correct balance.


Bette Calman – photo credit: creative commons

I am still enjoying the process and had an opportunity this week to interview Scott Carney from the book What Doesn’t Kill Us which was definitely exciting talking to someone who has researched this subject. Below is our full interview.

Onto week 6 of the Wim Hof Method 10-Week Online Program…