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Busy Busy Days

Posted on July 12, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

So the whole idea of quitting my job to focus on Dirt In Your Skirt and my racing career, is interesting. I thought I would have all this time in the day and I am finding less and less. Funny how we substitute one thing for another, however this stress I can handle.

Much of my day seemed to be consumed with preparations for the Pennsylvania Spartan Race this coming weekend. In case you are not part of the Facebook world, this race in particular the women are being heavily promoted and well it’s turning into a showdown of champions. I thought the field was stacked in Utah, I think it went up yet another notch! With so many top competitors coming into one place the media has been more for this race as well. It is amazing to see women getting attention in the sport by the national media. When I began racing in 2010 I was very much in the minority and today only two years later to see such strong competitors is a testament to the sport and it’s growth.


Among all the phone calls, emails, and some time at my still day job today I was able to squeak in a track workout. To me speed workouts at the track are like a foreign food. You look at it but can’t understand the appeal. However, in the heat of the day got in some sprints as well as some distance. Tomorrow it’s time to pack again and get ready to head to the next adventure, Spartan Race – Sprint – PA. The race director told me it was a mini Killington. In the word’s of Hunger Games…

“May the odds be ever in your favor” 

Well Saturday we will see how the whole thing shakes out. One thing is for sure, I am honored just to be around such a high caliber of female athletes that not only are some of the toughest competitors but also many I am luck to call friends. At the end of the day that’s what makes it really fun is the friendships!