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Day 1… Making the Choice

Posted on June 6, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Life is all about choices…

View from the Porch this morning. Still a little snow left on the mountain.

Today, I made the choice when I turned off the morning wake up shower and headed to the gym instead. Adventure races, mud runs and obstacle races are not going to finish themselves. I woke up early, I just couldn’t sleep anymore and had the water on to get into the shower and decided, NO it’s a busy day and if you want to really do this you the time is now! Turned the shower off and walked down the hall to the gym. Luckily, I have a gym steps from where I live. I pulled one of the spin bikes onto the porch this morning did a warm up and active stretch then an easy core session.  As the morning mountain air slowly woke me up I realized I made the right choice. As I gazed up at the site of the Spartan Beast, I decided I would give the Renegade Playground another try in the fall during their October event. I was glad I made the choice to make the shower wait for another hour.

Day 1 Workout – “500” Core
500 core is simple. I changed it up a bit most of the time it is 10 exercises 25 reps each then 2 sets. Because I hadn’t made a plan the night before this is what I threw together this morning.

4 Sets of 20

Russian Twist w/5kg Med Ball
2 Sets of 30
1 Set of 40 – Final Set just kept going!

Balance Ball Sit-ups
4 Sets of 25

Hip Raisers feet on BOSU Ball
4 Sets of 25

Stability Ball – Leg Roll-ins
3 Sets of 20
1 Set of 20 hands on flat side of BOSU Ball

Total Reps: 540


Basically, the schedule for my training is Monday’s Core, Tuesday – Thursday runs. Tuesday & Thursday Lifting, and finally Saturday and Sunday are long run days. My focus is on Cardio while maintaining and building strength. I am on a Trail Running Ultramarathon running program to get me up to 50 miles by World’s Toughest Mudder in December. I have the Spartan Beast in the middle of this training which will be a great challenge in the middle of this all. All the running will be done on hilly trails unless traveling.