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Day 10… Trifecta in VT

Posted on June 15, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

No, I didn’t go bet on a horse race today. However, got to exploit many of the joys and wonders of living where I do in Vermont today. My official workout for the day was a trail run, in preparation for my races such as Warrior Dash, Rugged Maniac, Tough Mountain Challenge, and ultimately the Spartan Beast and World’s Toughest Mudder. However, the day turned into much more as it was one of those perfect Vermont days mid-seventies, sunny, light breeze, no humidity.

Fuel for Training

I was stuck in the office until about 2:30 in the afternoon, feeling like I was missing out on the day, I darted out after my afternoon meeting concluded. I got a text early in the afternoon with a tee time for disc golf. If you have never played, try it! It incorporates a hike, the concept of traditional golf with a laid back twist. Was lucky enough to get 18 hole in at Base Camp Outfitters Course, where I am a member with a great group of people. Yes, we have memberships to disc golf courses too. Starting off at the first tee box, I didn’t realize I was sore or fatigued at all from yesterday’s lift until I threw my first disc. It was an interesting start but ended up ok overall.

After a decent 18 holes, for me. I headed home quickly to change and hit the trails. I did a better job of guessing what a 2 mile run would be. I thought as I made my first ascent up Snowshed on Killington I was going REALLY slow today, but it turned out I actually ran faster than yesterday. I had a snack right when I got home from disc golf before the run and had a cramp within minutes on the mountain. I pushed through and finished up the run much faster than expected. The trials still had a mix of mud on them which definitely puts a smile on my face!

Killington Ski Resort
Distance: 2.10 Miles
Time: 24.49
Average: 11:50 per mile
Total Vertical: 373 Meters

After running I stopped at home quickly before heading to a friends pool for an afternoon dip. The cool water felt awesome after a warm run. The perfect way to end up an afternoon of outdoor activities. Got home and finished off the day with a salad purely made in VT of mixed greens & radishes from my CSA, Cabot Cheese, Drews Dressing made in VT followed by a dessert made in VT as well. As I write this I am enjoying a great evening on my porch enjoying the view of the mountain. Can’t wait for another day of this weather tomorrow!

Yummy Dinner!

Finally to top the whole day off, I got my newest shipment from Clif Bar. I use them to keep me fueled on long runs and always keep a luna bar in my disc golf bag when I need a snack about seven holes in. I love the stuff!