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Day 100… Fresh Air

Posted on September 15, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Tough Mudder May 2011

Well it’s happened, we have hit Day 100. Shocking how far I have come in such a short time, life has completely changed in so many ways and I have made some amazing friends and had some once in a lifetime experiences and this is only the beginning.


RPC – June 2011

Many of my friends have heard this story to the point they will probably say, really she is telling this again, but for those of you who just read this each day here are a few insights as to where I was before I started this journey 100 days ago.

Just Over 100 Days Ago
I thought I was in shape
2010 Obstacle Race Season finished all races in the top 25% 
2-4 miles was an Average Run
6 Miles Seemed Like a Long Run
8 Miles Seemed Really Long
10 – 15 Push-ups I needed a break
Any workout over an hour seemed extremely long
My biggest fear DNF’ing Tough Mudder VT (10 mile race)
Scared I would DNF the Spartan BEAST
I thought people who did marathons and ultra marathons were crazy

2011 Death Race
The first time I met Katy McCabe

Questioning why I signed up for World’s Toughest Mudder after qualifying.

To clarify some peoples thoughts probably at this point. When I started the blog I had just finished the Tough Mudder VT and had just qualified for World’s Toughest Mudder. That was really a catalyze for this whole blog and training program to get started. You can fake a 10 mile race if you are in OK shape, you cannot fake a 24 hour race! I would consider myself at that point a former athlete. I could skate by with a base I built up over the 10 plus years I dedicated soley to athletics spanning my high school and college careers. I had been dormant for the last five years skating by on what I had left, calling myself an athlete when in truth I was half ass’ing it. I would start a program and 30 days later give up on it when it got hard or my time got pressed. Fast forward 100 Days…

Inspiration – My Training Views

I know I am in shape – probably the best of my life – But it’s always a work in progress
2011 Obstacle Race Season – all races to date I have finished in the top 5% and not out of top 10
I own a Spartan Sword, Warrior Dash mini helmet, and have a GORUCK Patch
2 – 4 Miles is a warm up
13+ miles is a longer run
Anything 20 or 30 miles is a Really Long Run
Longest run to date 33.5 Miles
Push-up and Burpees I can do those…
An hour workout is a short day
Workouts that are over 8 hours are long
My biggest fear – Burning myself out
There is no such thing as crazy – it’s all your personal reality
Looking forward to World’s Toughest Mudder
Looking forward to 2012 Death Race

It was today while running up to the top of Joe’s mountain with my training partner, I realized how far I have come. As we were just outside Amee Farm that the realization set in we have been running for over and hour and a half and gone up and down a mountain, forded a creek a couple times, crawled over down trees on the trail, and as we crested the hill and saw the parking lot we realized this was just a recovery run for us and really no big deal.

Spartan Beast – August 2011
A Turning Point

In truth, I am probably in the best shape of my life, I know I am a smarter athlete, but that comes with age. I set my own path and my own fate. My idea of limits is constantly being pushed and I have achieved success unimaginable at the beginning of this journey. I have picked up some amazing sponsors who help support my endeavors in Mocean Mate and CW-X. They both help me excel in my athletic endeavors. But it is not about the results, the sponsors, the fans (which I am eternally grateful for, please keep reading!). It is really about the bonds formed along the way.

Warrior Dash – August 2011

I am honored to be a founding member of the Spartan Chicked Team. I have an amazing training partner who has helped me realize I can push myself harder and constantly helps me redefine what my limits are. Through these races I have formed an amazing unbreakable bond with a few really incredible women. These women are all redefining what it means to be a strong independent woman, you know who you are! We Skype A LOT. These women help me each day to see in me what I cannot do alone. I really have all that has happened to thank/blame on Spartan Race for the Burlington 2010 race started it all, WTM bumped it up a notch.

I have been lucky enough as well to be invited to some special events including the recent GORUCK 9/11 Tribute Challenge.

Pre-GORUCK – September 2011

For all those that think I am crazy, stupid, dumb, trying to kill myself, should just do something normal or any of the other things I hear each day. I have found balance for the first time in a long time in my life and this is it for me. I have found out more about myself in the last 100 days, and it hasn’t been all good, than I have in years.

GORUCK CHALLENGE – September 2011
With Katy McCabe

I did not realize I was at Day 100 until I sat down to write this post tonight and it’s fortuitous that it coincides with today’s run as it was a turning point after a couple of weeks of being a bit off my game. For the first time in a while I feel ready to take on the next couple of months training to get to and succeed at World’s Toughest Mudder, then ultimately the 2012 Death Race.
It has been an amazing life and game changing summer, as the leaves are starting to change I am ready to step into the next phase. We will see what the next 100 days and beyond brings, as is my favorite phrase these days, it’s a work in progress…