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Day 101… The Couch

Posted on September 16, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Sometimes it takes a push to get off the couch. Today it took a big push. I headed back over to Pittsfield for another Trail Run, when I got there my training partner had a few more work emails to get out before we could run. I plopped myself on one of the couches at the Barn at Amee Farm and promptly feel into a nap. Jason came over to see if I was ready and all I wanted to do was nap. He went and worked a little bit more then said, “Let’s Go!” I pulled my groggy self off the couch and get ready to head out on the trails.

We headed out for just an hour run down through the main drag of Pittsfield then up past Riverside Farm and onto the trails. We took a quick stop to check on Jason’s Pet Duck Roland who rests on the hillside just off the main trails, magically amid the damage of the trails around us only one rock had moved from Roland’s memorial. Someone was looking out for the little guy.

We finished up the run by fording the river where the bridge use to be and ended up back at Amee Farm. Once I was up and running I felt fine and it was good to get out and move. The hardest part was getting off the couch after a mid afternoon nap had engulfed me. It was a good run and much needed to get out and moving and get back into a rhythm again.