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Day 103… For the IDIC 15

Posted on September 17, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Today I put in my last big run before the Vermont 50 next weekend. I set off this morning for a long road run. Along the way I ran the course for the race that was suppose to this weekend the IDIC 15. However, due to Hurricane Irene the race had to be cancelled for this year, so instead I paid tribute to the race by incorporating the course into my run today.

A little background on the IDIC 15, it is a 15K road race put on by my friend Sarah to help race funds for the DUB 15q Alliance which raises money for research of the genetic disorder Isodicentric 15 or idic15. Idic 15 is from Wikipedia “a chromosome abnormality in which a child is born with extra genetic material from chromosome 15. People with idic(15) are typically born with 47 chromosomes in their body cells, instead of the normal 46. The extra chromosome is made up of a piece of chromosome 15 that has been duplicated end-to-end like a mirror image. It is the presence of this extra genetic material that is thought to account for the symptoms seen in some people with idic(15). Individuals with idic(15) have a total of four copies of this chromosome 15 region instead of the usual two copies (1 copy each on the maternal and paternal chromosomes).


Today’s Route

The extra chromosome is rarely found in mosaic state, i.e. some of the cells carry the marker chromosome. However, mostly because of the marker’s instability and tendency to be lost during cell division (mitosis), some cells are completely normal with 46 chromosomes. Occasionally, cells may have more than one idic(15), resulting in 48 or 49 chromosomes in all or some of their cells. A similar clinical picture albeit to a milder degree could be expected in individuals that have the extra chromosome 15 material as an interstitial duplication; not as a marker chromosome; thus having 46 chromosomes.

This cause is near and dear to Sarah as one of her son’s has this disorder. When the race was cancelled due to Irene we had two options get a refund or have our entries go directly toward the organization. The course was easy, make the donation. To date this year’s race with out even happening has raised over $3,200 for the cause. As I ran what would have been the course for tomorrow’s race I thought of Sarah and knew I had to spread her message to all. 

If You Want to Help You Can Send Checks made out to the Dub 15q Alliance to:
IDIC 15 Race Donation
PO BOX 467
Killington, VT 05751

My run today totaled 20.75 miles and took me 3:31. I left the school and headed out to Blackies in West Bridgewater, a reminder that not all is normal in the area yet. I turned around at the corner of Route 4 and 100 and ran back to River Road. As I ran down the silent and lonely River Road it gave me time to reflect and made me dig deep and push threw. Finally I hoped back on 100 and back up the Killington access road. The last half mile up the access road was tough but I pushed through. I kept a consistent pace the whole time and think I am about as ready as I can be going into next weekends race.