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Day 109… Drop Bags

Posted on September 24, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Daily, I am amazed at the knowledge I have picked up over the last couple of months. Had you asked me a couple month’s ago what a drop bag was or what exactly you did with it and put in it at a race I would have given you that blank stare. Here I am tonight putting together my three drop bags for the upcoming Vermont 50.

For those that are in wondering just what a drop bag is, well here is my best explanation. Drop Bag, a small bag(s) an athlete drops at registration and race organizers bring to designated aid stations for an distance race. When you get to that aid station you are able to access your bag which has exactly what works for you in a race. Basically, this allows you to not be a pack mule the whole race. I am very excited to not have to carry enough water and nutrition for several hours at a time on my back! It will be a nice to drop that weight on this run. I have done enough recent events where carrying weight is part of the race/challenge. For my upcoming race their are three of the ten aid stations where drop bags are allowed. Next you may ask exactly what do I put in my drop bag. Below is by no means a guide for everyone as this is all new to me, but it’s what I know works for me.

Well here is what my drop bags include, Clif Shots, Clif Shot Bloks, coconut chips, bandaids (just in case), Probars and that’s about it. I am not adding anything that I don’t already use while I am training. As an old coach once told me, “Do What You Know.” Race day is not a time to change up your whole routine. I know what I ate when on the 33.5 mile run we did a couple weeks ago, it worked and I am sticking with that! I do have to add I am putting some chewable Pepto in the bag as well just in case on the recommendation of one of Dirt in Your Skirt’s readers, Commodore Man. Thanks for the tip!

More race prep to come in tomorrows blog, for now I am going back to hydrating and getting prepped to go to packet pick-up tomorrow and then run a New Student Orientation for work in the afternoon.

The Best of Luck to All My Spartan Chick friends tomorrow in Staten Island at the Super Spartan. You know I will be thinking of you all tomorrow!