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Day 110… Calm Before the Storm

Posted on September 24, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

It’s here, the Vermont 50 is happening tomorrow. I have spent the last couple of months wrapping my head around the fact I am going to race over 30 miles on my feet. For the entire summer I have talked about this race coming up calmly as if I had already done it. Today I picked up my race packet for the Vermont 50 and well it’s here and really happening, the calmness is gone. The talking is done, the training is done, now it’s time to run.

Tomorrow will be a test, a test of what I can do on my own. I won’t have my training partner by my side, and I won’t have Carrie pushing me to achieve beyond what I think is possible. No tomorrow it will be me, myself and I for just over 50K. 

My drop bags are in the hands of the race organizers, I have my bib, my race clothes are clean and ready to go, water bottles clean. I have put in the hours training. I have even taken a test run to see if my body could handle the distance a couple weeks ago. I have a hydration and nutrition plan for the race. Basically, everything in my control I have factored for it is the unknown that makes me uneasy going into tomorrow.
I do not know the course, I do not know what the weather will hold, and finally I do not know what is going to happen once the race starts. All I can do at this point is hydrate, eat good food, get some sleep tonight and see how it all shakes out tomorrow.