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Day 112… Recovery

Posted on September 27, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

It is funny how along this journey I have come to rely on things I once thought were funny and pointless. The first being the ice bath and well I think I have already carried on enough about them. Today is dedicated to one thing, my foam roller.


Yup a foam roller, between icing, ice baths and warm soaks in epson salt. Rest and stretching out my IT Band have been to number one priority today. After the race last night I knew my knee was not injured but sore beyond anything I could remember in recent history. So I set out this morning with some RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) and let the healing begin!

If you are unfamiliar with a foam roller they basically exactly what they sound like a long round piece of foam you roll on to stretch out. I like to think of them as a personal massager as well! They come in varying density’s and are amazing! Below is a video of some of the stretches I have done with my foam roller this afternoon. In truth I have been using the roller for the last week almost daily but up until now it had been to loosen up my pesky shoulders and upper back. Now I have moved into the legs and my IT Band. I am just glad no one was watching my face as I rolled out today.

Overall, it’s feeling better today. Just needs to rest a little and recover. I want to thank everyone for all the well wishes on finishing my race. I did carry a little bit of the Spartan Chicked family with me during the race as I had on my chicked sports bra the whole time. Thank you again for all the support, it has been overwhelming the congratulations that have come in since yesterday. I definitely carried your support with me along the course yesterday!