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Day 13… Tour de Killington

Posted on June 18, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Post Run, Clouds Cleared, Was up on All Those Peaks!


Today was my long day which for me at the moment ends up being a long slow run. I started from my house and was on a mission to ascend and descend several peaks of Killington on today’s 10 mile run. I must admit the started the day with some trepidation as the only other time I had run 10 miles was in the Tough Mudder. As I lay in bed this morning my brain was trying to tell me all the reasons not to go, too tired, too sore, too whatever…

But as with all of life you have to put the nay saying off to the side and push through as you look at your goals. As I slipped into my running clothes, armed with my newest edition a Death Race hat courtesy of Joe Desena, and packed up my backpack with about 20lbs of gear and extra weights (5lb plate), about 15% of my body weight, I still was doubtful as to how this run was going to go.

Look Down K1 Gondola

The first mile was on the access road up to the mountain then once I got on the mountain and started my 4 mile ascent up hitting Snowshed, Sky Peak, Bear Mountain, Southridge, and finally to the top of K1 Peak most of it was at a hiking speed and I was second guessing the added weight of this week. I pushed on keeping myself at a steady pace. Around mile 4 i felt my blood sugar dropping and had a quick Clif Bar Turbo Shot down it with some water and kept trucking along. It was slow going but as I got closer to the top my pace started to pick up as I realized, not only can I do this but I was already half way done! The second half of the run was a series of switchbacks down the mountain, over Northridge, and up onto Snowdon Peak, with a final up and crossover to Ram’s head and back to down to the access road and eventually home. This 10.2 mile adventure featured sun, clouds, wind, and at one point being almost above the clouds.

View from the Top

I was happy to get home and get into an ice bath to rest my muscles after this tour de Killington. At the end of the run it was reiterated to me that the hardest part is getting yourself out there and just doing it. I constantly have to remind myself to shut up with the excuses or else they will take over before I can even try a new task. As it is now raining and thundering as I finish up this post I am glad I got my ass out there and just did it. Gotta love Vermont weather!

Trail Run – Killington, VT

Long Slow Run
Distance: 10.2 Miles
Total Time: 2:35:15
Pace: 15’07″/mi
Total Gain: 2861 ft
Total Loss: 2536 ft
Min: 1703 ft
Max: 4268 ft
Extra Weight: 20lb Pack or 15% BW

Evening Update…

So it turned into such a nice night I couldn’t resist a last minute paddle on my Versa Board (Stand Up Paddleboard). A quick hour long paddle on a beautiful evening on Kent Pond. The loons were out and the pond was peaceful and well amazing. Since most of today was a lower body workout thought I would get the rest of the body in today. Below is a video of board in motion. It is a great all body and core workout, a little bit of balance and a lot of core and upper body. Met a couple cool people as I was taking out the board. Especially good luck to the group of women racing, Sole Sisters I believe is their team name, in the GMR who made a quick stop for a dip in the water.  Evenings like tonight are the reason I live in Vermont.