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Day 130… A Trip into Town

Posted on October 18, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
New Sledge Hammer

Not only do I have a passion, some might say obsession with my training but I also full disclosure, love tech toys, especially anything Apple comes out with. Yes, I write my blogs from a Mac, yes I have had multiple iPods, yes I have a MobileMe account, and yes I use iCloud, I also have an iPhone and up until Friday morning I had been operating on the 3GS for over the last two years until Friday. Friday I became the proud owner of an iPhone 4S. But this post isn’t about the phone, although I could drone on about my love of Siri. No this is about a trip to Tractor Supply and Home Depot.


I think I need to start this one with a little bit of background on myself and Home Depot. When I walk into a Home Depot or really any large home improvement store my eyes dart around for that familiar orange apron. The double doors open and I search for that orange apron like a wild animal hunting down their last meal in the woods. For when I try to find ANYTHING in Home Depot alone, I get lost in the vortex that is a home improvement store. I literally get lost for hours in aisles whether it be for lightbulbs, bricks, zip ties, sword cleaning solution, or duct tape, I am hopeless. Aisle after aisle I see all sorts of things, I can’t even imagine how or what to do with them, by the time I have finished wandering helpless through the store to find my one or two items, I am left parched, hungry, haggard and looking as if I had been to battle for days. I have similar experiences in Tractor Supply. Put me in the woods for days with little supplies, I am golden. In a Home Depot alone I am totally lost! I should have a GPS tracking system on me for people to find me when I am in a Home Depot.

The Bag and The Hammer, Success

So instead of this repeating itself each trip, I find the nearest person clad in that familiar orange smock swallow all my pride and ask for directions to pick up my increasing more bizarre list of items for that trip. Today’s laundry list included, zip ties, duct tape, and a sledge hammer. Prior trips have included, bricks, duct tape, bubble wrap, and plastic wrap (ask for that and see what the person in the orange smock says). This trip these items seemed fairly normal to the nice man, who pointed to the correct aisle and sent me on my way alone to find it. Even with his well intentioned directions it took a few tries to get to the zip ties. I knew where the duct tape and sledge hammer were from previous trips, I could breathe a sigh of relief on those two.

After narrowly surviving Home Depot, I headed to Tractor Supply for some wood pellets, and finally the Army/Navy Surplus store for a duffle bag. You may ask what all this was for, well arts and craft Spartan Chick Style! I have to give this one to Katy McCabe who originally came up with this idea. After a couple stops and some fun time at home, I am now the proud owner of a homemade 40lb sandbag. I have more wood pellets if this one becomes too light. This whole project cost under $30 to make and I am looking forward to using in the future. No name for the sandbag yet. I think I will have to throw her around a bit first. Never a dull moment when I go into town. It’s always interesting what I will come home with!