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Day 134… Hamster Wheel

Posted on October 19, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

After grappling with the fact recently my time is limited to get out and train, today I made it a point to get out, at least of the building, change environments and get in some physical activity. I took the plunge literally and figuratively as I not only headed to the pool but also purchased a month membership so I can now go on a regular basis. I had so many reasons today not to go so many things at work that needed my attention another meeting at the Fire Station starting at 7pm, and emails constantly buzzing in on my phone. Every excuse was built in not to go and exercise today.

I had to remind myself, work will still be there in an hour, the world will not end if I unplug myself for one out of the 24 hours in a day. Remember that part about putting myself first I wrote about yesterday, well it needed to happen today. As I entered the 9th hour of my work day, I stopped, closed the computer, went to my room packed my bag and headed to the pool. It was the first step, I finally took heed in the words and advice I have given out time after time to my friends. However, when the tables are turned it is hardest to take your own advice to heart.

No training partner with me today, no one watching over my shoulder telling me what to do. It was me in the water alone swimming lap after lap. Although, the swim lasted less than an hour and in full honestly I was disappointed with my body getting fatigued quickly after only 2200 meters. I knew I probably could have tried to push out the last 800 but at the time I could not see the point. I slowly walked back to the showers wondering why so tired, wanting to curse my body for being weak. But, slowing down I am learning isn’t always about weakness sometimes it’s about the strength to know a limit and knowing when you are teetering over the edge cliff when you toes hit the end. At least I did have some successes in this workout at the end of the day I turned off, got out, and took that critical me time. Also swimming over almost a mile and a half isn’t horrible. Slowly the realization is creeping in that it’s not always about the intensity or the distance, some days its just about changing scenes, getting my body moving and turning off all the noise for a fleeting moment.