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Day 14… What’s in that Pack?

Posted on June 19, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
View from Ram’s Head Parking Lot

Happy Father’s Day! 
Especially to my Father and Step-Father!

Another amazing day in the green mountains. The weather could not be better today. It’s about 65 degrees and we have a slight breeze to keep the bugs away. Perfect day to get out on the trails. Got inspired, one might say overzealous, after an email conversation back and forth with Barn Beast yesterday, who is in his final preparations for the Death Race. I felt kind of lazy for not taking him up on his offer to join him on his last push for the Death Race with an all night workout session. I was a little beat up from the run earlier in the days and didn’t know how many more mountains and miles my body could take in one day. So today, I upped the ante a bit adding an additional 5% of my body weight to the pack or about 28lbs when all was said and done. Which in turn made for A LOT slower go of things, but I have something to work at even more now. It’s a new challenge. Took a new route today and stayed on one side of the resort mostly. At one point I almost ended up heading to Bear Mountain base area which would have made a 4 mile run into a MUCH longer adventure. Got a lot of funny looks from hiking tourist glancing at me as I passed them with the lifting plates clanking in my backpack. I heard one say, “What’s in that pack?”

Well, ma’am whoever you are, this is what’s in the pack…

All that fits in my little pack!

1 – Alpina Highland Pack
1 – Leatherman
1 – Med Kit
1 – Sewing Kit
1 – Long Sleeve Shirt
1 – Backcountry First Aid Book
2 – Types of Bug Spray (This is VT)
2 – Bottles of Water (700mL Each)
3 – 5lb Plates
1 – 2.5lb plate
1 – Pair of Sunglasses
1 – Set of House Keys
1 – iphone
Assortment of Snacks – Today, Clif Builders Bar, Clif Shot Bloks, Clif Shot Turbo, and Dried Bananas and Apples

Last but not least my brand new Death Race hat. New favorite training accessory. All in all the weight of the pack today was about 28lb or 20% of my body weight. Time to dump the weights out and replace them with my discs for 36 holes of disc golf at Base Camp Outfitter’s course for League Night this afternoon. Wish me luck and hopefully, I will come home with a higher tag number tonight! Summary of today’s workout.

Today’s Route

Trail Run – Killington, VT
Distance: 4.40 Miles
Time: 1:13:37
Pace: 16’42”
Elevation Gain: 1,483ft
Elevation Loss: 1,178ft
Min Elevation: 1,995ft
Max Elevation: 3,018ft
Extra Weight: 20% of Body Weight or 28lb