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Day 148 & 149… Don’t Try New Things for Before a Workout

Posted on November 3, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Tuesday was my day off an in true sense I took the day off of writing as well. It ended up being an unintended day off of writing as my work day did not truly end until around midnight, rendering my time for writing null. But we move onto Wednesday.

I love my Wednesdays as they are the day I work out with my trainer Steve at Green Mountain Rock Climbing. Today before meeting up with Steve I tried out a new protein drink and well the long and short of it was for whatever reason it did not agree with my stomach and turned into a total body cleanse and nothing was left in my body with less than an hour before working with Steve. Not a good situation, as I drove down to the gym I tried to calm my stomach with crackers and rehydrate before my hour with Steve started. When I got there, Steve know right away something was off and I told him that my stomach had been doing gymnastics for the past two hours, but I would be fine.


We started off with bouldering around the gym as a warm-up. It’s really amazing how much further I can go now than I use to when we started. The whale is no longer the my crux. Now it’s getting past the last corner. After a good warm-up we went directly over to the fingerboard. Norm was there again this week and we took turns on the wall for 1 minute sets. Holding ourselves in place, my grip was weak and I knew it. I struggled each time to stay on the wall. In between sets on the wall we did 30 second planks, just to keep all the muscles engaged. After the warm-up was over we headed outside to play with cinderblocks.

Steve’s Burpees as he likes to call them include picking up a cinderblock or sandbag, a clean into an overhead press. You bring the cinderblock, place it on the ground, kick your feet out, push-up, jump back in and repeat. When we finished each round we ran across the parking lot and went into dips.  We did 6 sets at 10, 9, 8, 6, 4, and 2 reps. The last few dips I struggled to push out. Definitely was not firing on all cylinders today.

After this part of the workout we headed back inside for a little more “fun” to top off the day. 4000 meters on the rowing machine aka urg. Norm and I took turns each cranking out 250 meters at a time. Our rest was as the others one rowed. I fought during these rest periods to one not collapse and two get my heart rate back down to a normal place. I spent most of the rest period hunched over just trying to keep myself laying down on the ground. Yup, this one almost did me in. At one point I went outside and thought I might see the remaining remnants in my stomach for another time today. Luckily, that didn’t happen. We finished up with a 1 minute plank then we were done.

Lesson learned when trying new products, DON’T try them right before you head out for a workout. Try them when your body has a chance to deal with whatever side effects. I thought I would be safe giving myself a few hours, not this time. Lesson learned. But another good workout from Steve!