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Day 150… Guided by the Light

Posted on November 4, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
The Road After A Freak April Snowstorm

Without knowing it we have already hit Day 150. It really seems like yesterday and at the same time decades ago since I started this blog. Life has changed for sure and a new norm has taken over. Tonight I set off on a run, because I had the feeling all day I needed to run. Work commitments kept me until the sun had almost disappeared for the day. This did not damper my spirits.

Instead of headed back to my room and changed after a work mixer, and hit the road. I opted for the road over trails due to the time of day and such. So as I changed grabbed my headlamp and headed off onto the road, I was ready to run once again. I choose a route I thought would be somewhere between 8-10 miles, when I got home I realized it was over 12, oops! My sense of distance I am finding out is not so good.

A good section of the run was on a road that is lightly traveled and partly dirt. It was quiet, calm, and the cell phone signal is not stellar so my Pandora station drifted in and out.. Much of the time all I heard was my own breath and watched it dance in the light from my headlamp. I moved along, drifting in and out of thought as I ran. Then something happened I haven’t experienced in a while, all went quiet, I just moved one foot in front of the other. I have not found this quiet in a run in a while. It was not until after it happened somewhere between mile 5 – 8, I realized I was in it.

During that time miles melted away and my mind was blank and quiet for the first time in months. No negative inner dialog, at the same time no self affirmations to get me through. It was just me putting one foot in front of the other, just being. It is rare when we realize we are truly living in the moment, in that slice of time in our lives where there is no later and no before, just now. For me tonight that was on a lonely road in the dark, armed with my headlamp to guide my way.