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Day 153… Sunrise Patrol

Posted on November 7, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

What goes up, must come down as the song states. As the alarm sounded at 3:30am this morning I got myself up and moving as it was time to bring the sandbag off the mountain. The clocks changing could not have come at a better time! I drove myself over and picked up Joe (Joe Desena, Founder Spartan Race) and around 4:00am we were off on our way. Yes I had hunters orange on and Joe had a red shirt on his version of hunters orange.

This morning because of a time crunch with my work day and such we started a little further up the mountain and an hour earlier than yesterday. It was just the two of us and we parked my car along the dirt road and jogged off into the darkness. Joe could not find his headlamp this morning so we shared the light of mine to guide the two of us up the trail or lack of trail for much of the time. One headlamp, two people and bushwhacking in the dark up a mountain makes for an interesting morning. As we ran, hiked, scrambled, bear crawled, and full on crawled through the woods in the dark, we climbed higher and higher. Yes, the route we took this morning proved to be thicker than yesterday.

It was another cool morning in Vermont barely 20 degrees when we sent off early in the morning/middle of the night. When we reached the top of the mountain the wind had kicked up making our one headlamp attempt to find the sandbags we abandoned yesterday that much more interesting. After we found the three bags we each grabbed one, leaving the last one for Jason and the next time around. We slowly, and still in the dark headed back down off the mountain bushwhacking with 60lb sandbags on our shoulders. After a little way down we took a break getting the sun come up a little before proceeding down the mountain.

At this point both of us did what anyone does when on the side of the mountain, bushwhacking at around 6:00am on a Sunday morning, pulled out our iPhones and started checking and sending emails. Come one what else do you do when in the woods on a mountain with a sandbag early in the morning? Ok thats at least what Joe and I did this morning. We updated statuses and answered emails for about 10 minutes then picked up the bags and kept heading down hill. Along the way Joe made the call to drop the bags as it was treacherous going this morning, and after each stepping into a few large holes and having risked possible broken legs more than once, we abandoned the bags for another day on the mountain.

We headed past the pond again, only for Joe to hand me today Bib 120’s log. Yes, Bib 120 your log is now back in Pittsfield along with Bib 71’s. As we jogged/walked back to my car with log in hand we chatted and finished out what I thought was the workout for the morning. We arrived at the car, I dropped the log and we finished out the workout this morning with:

30 Burpees (10 on left leg only, 10 on right leg only, 10 both legs)
30 Jumping Jacks
30 Sidebends
30 Pushups
30 Squat Jumps
and maybe something else I forget. It was all before 7:30am this morning.

At around 7:30am we headed back towards Riverside Farm. I dropped Joe off, headed over to my friend Jason’s, showered chatted briefly as he was waking up and by 8:30 I was showered, dressed, and back at work ready for the opening day of Killington Mountain School. By the time I got back to the school the temperature had gone up to 25. Currently, on duty in the dorm, all and all it will be after 11pm before I head to bed tonight another successful day in the books!