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Day 154… Planets Align

Posted on November 8, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Sometimes it all comes together, recently it has seemed like the opposite but today the planets aligned in my favor and well in short my racing season is extending, that’s right my racing season is being extended by one race and all I will say at the top of this post is it’s going to be big. But first to today.

Well not going to lie my first intentions were to go for a longer run this morning but as my alarm went off at 5:40am. I just could not get out of bed, the last two mornings and a late night had done me in. I needed the sleep. So that part of my day didn’t work out as plan. Instead I got up and went to work. It was the first day of our five-month program and the school was buzzing. It was great having all the kids around again.


Much of the day was spent explaining to the kids what these races I do are. Last night a couple wanted to watch videos of exactly what I do now. After showing them the Spartan Beast Video, Spartan Chicked Video, and the 9/11 GORUCK Video, one girl proclaimed, “I am not messing with you this year. You could throw me through a wall.” Yes the children now think I can throw them through walls, Winning! So to bring the new community together we all went bowling this afternoon. Not really a workout but worth noting that I will not be making the professional bowling circuit anytime soon, I did break 100 but barely. I think I will stick to mud, barbwire, fire, and mountains.

After we got back from bowling, I had a quick dinner. Booked an airline ticket, yes an airline ticket, then headed to the gym for a quick lift. I have done the lift before a Crossfit. Again the one who proclaimed a hatred for Crossfit is finding joy in it these days. Today I revisited Airforce still haven’t worked up to the full 65lbs, a recap of this workout. I warmed up on the bike for about 20 minutes then for into it.

Airforce Crossfit
4 Burpees every minute on the minute
20 Thrusters (55#)
20 SDLHP (55#)
20 Push Jerks (45#)
20 Overhead Squats (45#) mine turned into back squats after ripping my shoulders apart with logs and sandbags the last two days
20 Front Squats (45#)

Do it for time. Yes you will notice weight changed my shoulders are pretty sore from the last couple days and honestly I didn’t know it until I started the workout. When I got to the overhead squats I had to modify, I could not safely keep the bar over my head. But in the end I got done with the whole workout in about 9:40 much faster than I had done before. My last attempt was almost 14 minutes. After that was finished hopped on the bike again cooled down and concluded with 75 hanging leg lifts. A good quick session in the gym.

But back to the big announcement, and someone was looking out for me today. It became apparent to me that with a few changes in my job, I now have the first weekend of December off from coaching. So after a quick conversation with a few of the people at Spartan Race and working some magic here in Vermont at work. I am officially headed to the Texas for the Super Spartan, that’s right ladies and gentleman I will be competing in the cash heat at Glen Rose. Look out for this Spartan Chick to be there and ready to race!