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Day 16… A Rock and A Hard Place

Posted on June 21, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Throwing a Rock up a Work Road

Today is an extremely busy day for me so my usual run then lift were combined today into a masochistic trail hike/run. I got up straight out of bed, no screwing around and hit the trails. First off, my foot was still a little sore this morning so much to my chagrin I put on running shoes, which I haven’t done in over a year. I have been purely a VFF girls since last spring. As I started to run up the mountain I realized my foot was having none of this pounding. I thought this might be the case going into the morning, so Plan B had already been worked out the night before. This workout I am dedicating to Barn Beast and Hobie Call in their quest to conquer the Death Race this weekend at Amee Farm here in VT. I walked up to the first large rock I could find picked it up and threw up over and over again up and down the mountain for about 2.5 miles. At each mile marker I did 10 Burpees.

Rock 1, Didn’t Make the Cut

Slow going with a rock, I feel like it was an exercise in patience as much as strength as repeatedly I picked it up and threw it, overhead, press, between the legs and up. My first rock started to chip away before I even got the the end of mile one. Luckily, I found another, better rock along the trail. Rock 2 and I really bonded by about a mile and a half. I figured out how to carry her and the best ways to get maximum distance from her. My rock and I were one by the end of the run. I got home to see how much this rock weighed and found out she was a healthy 23lbs. A respectable weight for a pet workout rock. She is currently basking in the sun while I am in the office for the day, ready for another day on the mountain in the future. She doesn’t have a name yet so I am open to suggestions!

Killington, VT
Distance: 2.44 Miles

Time: 59:27

Burpees: 20 (10 Each Mile)
Rock Weight: 23lb
Elevation Gain: 886ft
Elevation Loss: 804ft

Below is a video of Hobie Call which inspired this sadistic workout.