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Day 164… Getting Creative

Posted on November 18, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Sometimes, I get into the gym and it’s like I have ADD, there are so many different exercises I can do it’s hard to keep focused on the ones I went in planning to do. Other days I walk into the gym and wander aimlessly for a few minutes deciding what to do today. This was one of those days. With my ankle taped up I decided it was time to at least do something today, sitting around is starting to get to me. So just after dinner and after the kids were done with their afternoon workouts I headed into the gym.

As I taped my ankle up, I tried to piece together a workout that would not put too much stress on my ankle and at the same time work on my core. I learned when trying to ease up on your ankle it makes the gym a much more interesting place to navigate. I started off with about 20 minutes on the bike to get my legs moving. Then headed over and alternated negative pull-ups and hanging knee-ups. I moved onto a variety of other exercises for my core and back as a child wanders through a candy shop trying out a little bit of everything. It is too disjointed to breakdown each exercise, all I know is after moving from one thing to another with no real direction, I looked at the clock and I had been lifting and doing core with basically no rest for about 45 minutes.

It seems that I have enough knowledge and years in the year to somewhat tune out and still get in a decent workout. Was it one of my strongest, probably not, tomorrow’s soreness will be a test, but it was something and for the first time all week I feel like I got some sort of workout in. Which is a refreshing feeling to finish out the day.