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Day 17… How Does that Mud Taste?

Posted on June 22, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Mile 1 Burpees location

Success! Woke up this morning with no initial pain in my foot. Looking at the radar for the next four days I figured I would get one more dry run this week before the weather turns south and my training will all be in the rain. On the positive, it makes my garden happy. I Hit the trails this morning, no extra weight, no rock, just myself and my hydration belt. It felt so light!

Again today, I incorporated Burpee’s into my run at each mile marker. My own personal rule is I stop where ever my GPS says its the mile marker no matter the terrain or surface. Today I had the pleasure of the mile one marker perfectly positioned in the muddiest section of this trail. Always fun to hear the squishing of mud under your feet as you jump up and catching a taste of mud in your mouth first thing in the morning. It’s a stellar breakfast, yum! The second mile marker was not nearly as entertaining as it was on the work road. I have to say after listening to the Spartan Race podcast and hearing Carrie aka Shawty Spartan talk about how the Spartan Beast could now be anywhere from 12 – 15 miles, and each obstacle that your fail equals 30 Burpees on the spot, I have extra motivation going into the race in August. When I signed up for this race months ago it was advertised as a 8 mile race, it just keeps morphing and getting bigger and more badass.

The rain was coming this morning

I digress, back to the run today… As I started moving up the trail my foot started to get sore again. This time I pushed through it and by the end it actually felt like it was stretching out and felt a bit better. I have learned I am a much slower runner in the mornings. My favorite time to run is midday or in the afternoons/early evenings. When I got back home and waited for the shower to warm up I pushed out 30 pushups and 30 situps just to round out the morning. So as I recount today’s adventure on the trail I sit in my office looking at the rain coming down and have an ice pack firmly attached to my foot.

Killington, VT
Distance: 2.37 Miles
Time: 31:00
Pace: 13’03″/mi
Burpees: 30 total 15 per mile
Elevation Gain: 781ft
Elevation Loss: 456ft
Max Elevation: 2,815ft
Min Elevation: 2,195ft
Look for Friday’s Blog Post to have a big announcement on it! It could be a game changer. Sorry no spoilers until then!