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Day 170… Grateful & Thankful

Posted on November 24, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

As we all head off to spend time with our families or pseudo-families for Thanksgiving. I take a moment and step away from the massive amounts of impending food, the parades, the dog shows, and of course the football games. More importantly, I am reminded of all the things I have to be thankful for in my life.

This year and the last six or so months have truly changed my life and I am thankful especially thankful to a few key people who have played pivotal roles in this change. As I continue to be each year, I am thankful for my family for although they think my endeavors are crazy and remind me of it each time I talk with them they are my biggest champions at the end of the day. They continue to support me in each new event and thing I do. For their support I am eternally grateful. I am thankful for the companies who continue to help support me in my endeavors, thank you Mocean Mate and CW-X. I am thankful to Steve my trainer who takes the time to craft killer workouts and push me each week.

However, many of the people I am most thankful for in my life were strangers a few short months ago. Many probably do not know the impact they have had on me but since it’s Thanksgiving and a time to reflect and well it’s my blog and I can write what I want! I would like to publicly thank them for all they have done knowingly and unknowingly to help me get to where I am today.

The first people I would like to thank are Grace Cuomo Durfee and Lisa Madden. I first caught a glimpse of Grace at the original Spartan Race in May 2010. It that I first say Grace in action, I remember her standing out that day and decided I wanted to be like her, competing at that level. (She won the race that day, I finished 9th I think). However, it was not until the next after June 2010 when I watched the YouTube video of Grace and Lisa in action at the 2010 Death Race that I decided the Death Race was truly something I had to do. At that time I didn’t know when it would be or that it would be so soon (June 2012). They motivated me and made me what to achieve what they were able to do. I am so thankful for all they have done and continue to do but more importantly I am thankful to have gotten to know them and call them my friends today.

The next three people I am thankful for truly are some of the best people on this earth, Carrie Adams, Katy McCabe and Maurya Scanlon. In a short time we have gone from four complete strangers to a tight knit group of women. We have already shared some epic adventures, road trips, been zombies, video skyped with each other for hours, and basically shared all aspects of our lives. For geographically all four of us live in different states but are forever bonded and connected. All these women are there anytime of any day for me and for each other, their friendships are the rare true friendships that last for a lifetime. I could gush on for days about how much these women all mean to me and the support and encouragement they give me each day, but that would be the world’s longest post. So as we often remind each other during one of the daily chats, thank you again for all that you are in my life! You have truly pushed me to grow and change over the past couple of months.

Next, I am thankful to Joe Desena and Spartan Race. Joe, thank you for creating a race that has changed so many lives. For Spartan Race started me in the obstacle world, it got a former athlete to be an athlete again. I am thankful for the email sent to Joe months ago. Since then he has become a friend, a friend that makes me carry sandbags, but he is truly a friend. He has always been open to answering my questions regarding racing and has been kind enough to share the knowledge he has gained through years of competing. Thank you for taking the time and energy even those 4am runs.

Spartan Chicked, yes this group I am thankful for, and all 1400 and growing women. You all each have your own amazing stories and I am glad to be able to learn a little bit more about you all each day. You are all inspirations and motivate me to be a little better each day. So thank you for believing in yourselves and believing and inspiring each other.

Finally, I have to thank the person to is there day in and day out who mentors and pushes me to be the best athlete I can be, my training partner Jason Jaksetic. Jason has and continues to be the best training partner I have ever had. He has not only mentored me and helped me become the athlete I had always wanted to be, but he has in the process become one of my best friends. Since we met in June he has been in training for his own big events but has also helped me push harder than I have before, held me accountable for my actions, and overall guided me to achieve beyond what I thought possible. Thank you Jason for becoming a true friend and offering me your time and energy as you pursue your own goals, for Jason has truly been an incredible coach, mentor and most importantly friend. Best of luck to him as he leaves for Hawaii to compete at the end of December in the EpicMan (triple ironman).

Finally, thank you to you all who day in and day out support me by reading this blog. Thank you for all your support and inspiration each day. So this Thanksgiving more than many others, I will take a moment tomorrow acknowledge not only my family but my friends. Take the extra time out of my day to thank them for all they do to help shape who I am each day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, enjoy your friends, family and football and remember to says thanks to all those around you.