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Day 178… All Clear

Posted on December 2, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

It’s the night before I fly to Texas, last bit of work is done, bags are packed, now the only thing is a good nights sleep before the real fun begins tomorrow, Travel Day. I just hope my travels are better than my friend Carrie’s who seems never to be able to get to a race without some major delay. Yes, the same Carrie Adams I picked up in the middle of nowhere NY before the Spartan BEAST.

I am as ready as I will be, armed with enough med tape and KT Tape to secure my ankle. I have settled into the fact the race is happening and the outcome I cannot predict. Everything I have done is in the past, not its just what I will do when the gun sounds. I decided their was one last thing I needed to get done before this race, get my ankle rechecked out. It’s been three weeks since I sprained it and it’s still a little swollen. So I did the adult thing, fearing the worst, went to see my orthopedic yesterday. I walked in fearing I would hear the worst, but hoping for the best. He knows I have two races coming up, he knows whats at stake. The great thing about having one of the leading sports orthopedic surgeons in your backyard is you know when you see him he will give you the straight story. He knows what it means to work with athletes as he has worked with several professionals. I walked in knowing I would get the straight honest answer about racing this weekend, all I needed was the thumbs up. I got in and he felt the tendons and the stability of the ankle, they are fine. He took a couple pictures just to be sure all the bones were in the right place. All Clear, I passed this test. One well placed cortisone shot later, to help the swelling, I am as ready as I will be to race. I was assured it will be painful and that is something I have to deal with myself, but I am fully clear to race. So I have my KT Tape and med tape to secure it, and now its time to leave on a jet plane. The next post will be from the Lone Star State. See you in Texas!