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Day 182… Back to Life, Back to Reality

Posted on December 6, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Race weekends offer something special to me, a chance to compete, see friends and step into a world were talks about obstacles, barbed wire, mud and fire are the norm. As I headed to my office the old Soul II Soul song played silently in my head. I wanted to tell the whole school about what I had been doing over the weekend, but most other than a my finish place didn’t care to go into the details of each obstacle and event. As I sat in my office today catching up on work from the weekend, the kids wondered in and out wondering where I had been for the weekend, most unaware I flew across the country to run and compete.

It’s funny when you step back into your everyday life, it takes a day for the post-race hangover to wear off. The excitement of the race, the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat, the friends, the bonds among racers. Some of the most fun moments of the weekend were just sitting with the guys at breakfast talking race talk. It was all these things that as I sat in my office today, I was unable to express out to the world. As my Facebook wall and pages blew-up with congratulations and job well done posts. Two worlds happening at once, the virtual and the reality. It is always a funny thing to go back to.

Then I got a message from my friend Forest Call. He had asked if he could shoot video of me racing on the course, while he also shot video of his brother and arguably best obstacle racer in the world Hobie Call. He had been making YouTube videos for the whole season of Hobie and just finished up filming and editing on “Hobie Call’s How to Train for Obstacle Course Racing”. I got a sneak preview of some of it and its pretty neat stuff. They had copies for sale at the race over the weekend. I highly recommend getting your hands on this video as Hobie proved he is the best over the weekend! ORDER HERE So when Forest asked I said sure, a video from a race it’s always a bonus to get to see it afterwards.

So today as I sat in my office this morning, when Forest sent me the link to my video I was both nervous to see what I looked like while racing, and thrilled to get to share those moments on the rope with friends and well really the world. To me it is also a memory captured to share for years to come. It allows me to give those a glimpse into what I do. So thank you to Forest for the video, it is great. For those that haven’t already seen it today.

As the race drifts into memory and the video is watched out on YouTube, I take this opportunity to thank all those who cheered me on and rooted for me both in Texas and from afar. Your support has been unbelievable. Thank you for reading and caring about my endeavors. I loved getting to meet people in person for the first time and sorry for those I missed. Honestly, I was trying to stay dry most of the day. With one race left to go for the season, I have my sites set and its time to get ready to fire all cylinders again soon this time in NJ in the cold and over 24 hours.