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Day 186 & 187… Holding Pattern

Posted on December 11, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

I am officially in the holding pattern between races. One race just completed last week and letting my body recover and another race looming next weekend for which I need to taper. It’s during this time that I have the chance, in theory to just rest. In reality it becomes catching up on work and getting ahead on work for next weekend. In truth, I still haven’t unpacked from Texas and it’s already time to start to pack again for NJ. There are much worse things in life.

As I spend my half day off work today. I have had a chance this morning to surf around FB and see what all my friends are up to this morning. Many are going for runs, talking about gear for the race next weekend, running a marathon, teaching boot camp. As I sat down to write this morning I realized just how large my rolodex of friends who I could call up at anytime and head off on an adventure has grown. For years I was always looking for someone to invite me to do something or searching for someone to go out and do stuff with. Now I look around and have many people all of whom wouldn’t think it odd to just go for an all night hike, or travel across the country to race.

This shift is just further highlighted when I go online and see all the things my friends are up to. It’s inspiring to see all that they are doing and it helps push me to want to do more. I see them sign up for a new race it makes me want to take a look. I see them accomplish a new goal and it makes me want to try it as well. A year ago or so I feel like the majority of the posts coming through my news feed would have been about going out the night before, or where to go out tonight or some other whining about their life. Now really that negativity is gone from my news feed. It has been a refreshing change that only recently I began to realize. So to all my friends out there getting it done this weekend, kill it. I am here in the holding pattern, wrapping up one race and prepping for another.