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Day 189… Just Over the Horizon

Posted on December 14, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

So when I wrote about what was next yesterday, I actually already knew in terms of my racing schedule what the future will bring. Today, I pulled the plug and made it official. By sharing it that means its real an its a real race that I am committing to for as I have stated before this platform keeps me honest. I have a pretty aggressive season lined up for next year and as of tonight I am registered for all but really three races next year. Yes my schedule is set and as one friend said, they have never seen the word BEAST in so many race titles.



May 11McNaughton 50 – Pittsfield, Vermont

June 15Death Race – Pittsfield, Vermont

June 30Spartan Beast – Soldier Hollow, Utah

July 14Spartan Sprint – Palmertown, PA

July ? – Running With the Devil – NJ

August 11Spartan Sprint – Amesbury, MA

September 8Super Spartan – New Jersey

September 22Spartan Beast (World Championships) – Killington, Vermont

September 30Vermont 50 – Ascutney, Vermont

October 13Spartan Beast – Winnsboro, South Carolina

December 1Spartan Beast – Glen Rose, Texas

Also take a moment and check out the beautiful article written by the my college athletics department on my current racing. Thank you to Chris Buck for writing such a nice article. Read Here. Looking forward to a great season next year, but there is still one more race to go this year!