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Day 2… Find the Balance

Posted on June 8, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

Sorry for the late post, busy day up here. Today started with a trail run up Deer Leap a short 2 mile out and back trail nearby with about 600ft vertical gain. It was a slow start to the run this morning as last night one chefs in town had a come one come all block party where the whole town was invited. I live in a very small town! Live music, bonfire, tons of food and beverages marked this festive occasion where most of the town was at some point in the night. Have to admit my evening ended on the later side but that brings me to an unwritten rule,

Do Not Let This Training Dictate Your Life

Early on I decided that I cannot give up the things other things I like to do in order to get the training in. Earlier in my life I concentrated all my efforts into one sport it defined me. Everything I did for to better myself in the one sport. So as I  got out of bed and pulled on my Spartan Race T-shirt from last year I decided to get the job done before the day got started. I ran up the mountain with the tunes blasting I worked off some of the barley and hops from last night and recounted the fun times I had with good friends the night before.
Morning Run:
Deer’s Leap – Off the Long Trail, VT
Distance: 2 Miles
Vertical: 600ft
Time: 34:13

After the run I hurried to work to sit in a meeting then scooted down to Rutland to hop on a bus and head up to South Burlington to coach the D1 VT Girls Lacrosse Semifinals. The girls played their hearts out but unfortunately their season has come to an end. It was a pleasure working with such a great good of strong young women this spring. Returning home I headed to the gym to get the last workout of the day in before settling in for the night. I didn’t get home until late so the lift was short.
Evening Lift: Circuit
15 Minute Warmup/Active Stretch. Three Sets of Each Exercise
Hang Cleans: 60lb x 15
Med Ball Chops: 6kg Ball x 15
Chest Press laying on Balance Ball: 15lb dumbells x 15
Lumberjack Squat w/throw: 70lb x 10
Box Jumps: 15
Dumbell Snatch: 20lb x10
11 Small Hurdles: 4 x two legged jumps, 2 x left leg jumps, 2 x right leg jumps

After years of saying I don’t want to lift anymore. The video is an example of a lumberjack squat. This is not my video thanks to Precision Nutrition for the great video! I have to say it’s been fun being in the gym again with weights! Lifting is a key element of my training as it helps me maintain upper body strength and compliment the cardio workouts.  I will work on getting a video together of a circuit in future blogs. 
Finally, Thank you to everyone who has become a follower, contacted me via Facebook about the site, commented or just opened the page! Thanks for taking the time to read about what I am doing.  Your support helps keep me going!