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Day 22… Out of the Fire, Into the Frying Pan

Posted on June 28, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Homework and Workouts Mixed Together

I am still trying to catch up after volunteering at the Death Race, it ended up being about 43 hours before I got to bed. Almost as much as the racers, but certainly no comparison to what they went through. However, their is no rest this week as I jumped straight from the race into an intensive week of grad school at UVM: 5 days, 3 credits. With school all this week my workout time is limited and I am away from the mountain and all that is familiar. Being outside of my comfort zone is a new challenge in preparation for the Spartan Beast. I did, however, make sure to bring one friend along, pet rock (still unnamed). He will definitely be making an appearance this week in a workout, along with Elsa (Kettlebell) and a dumbbell (no name). Otherwise, I just have running shoes with me. We are going back to the basics this week!

It was 7:00pm tonight before I was able to get to my homework and a workout. I am staying with my sister and brother-in-law and have the cutest 4 month old niece. She captured all my attention before dinner. After dinner, I set up shop on the porch and delve into the 200 pages of reading for the evening. I rewarded my progress by upon completion of each chapter, I got to work towards finishing today’s 1000 workout. Seriously, it was a reward to get to workout after sitting in a classroom, like giving a piece of candy to a small child. After each chapter, I was eager to do more burpees. The last couple burpees and pushups never felt so good. Actually, I lie, the last set of push-ups were hard I was in the dark, headlamp on, with mosquitoes eating me alive, but got them done. Yes, since the Death Race, a switch has been flipped and I am full speed ahead for the Spartan Beast!
Look what I found in the backyard!
TODAY’S 1000 Workout
Active Rest Day
Sit-ups – 300
Push-ups – 150
Burpees – 150
Bicycles – 200 (SLOWLY)
Body Weight Squats – 200
On a final note for the evening before I go back to reading and homework, I leave you with this quote:
“We [Humans] are richer and more complex than the aspects we and others know, but from time to time something happens that is felt, read, heard, or dreamed that reveals something from our unconscious. Then we “know” what we have never “known” before. 
~Sally J. Zepeda, Instructional Supervision