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Day 23… A Romp In the Field

Posted on June 29, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Rock Getting Some Love

After a long day in the classroom and an early dinner with a good friend I was anxious to get out and stretch the legs. My brother-on-law decided to join me and to hit the trails behind their house. It is much different running through farmers fields just outside of Burlington than running on Killington.

Post Run

As we got further away from the house and into the trail and fields the distance between us started to grow. My brother-in-law has been a gym rat for years, hitting the weights and treadmill inside each morning before work. A few falls later in the mud he is starting to learn about the joys and wonder of trail running. He will be a convert, I have faith. Throughout the run I had no idea where I was going, I just kept twisting and turning and it definitely kept Pat on his toes. There was one stretch in which I took use through some seriously overgrown fields. Our legs are full of war wounds tonight. I hope none of it was poison ivy or poison parsnip! He caught up to me when I stopped at the mile marker and did 10 burpees. Yes, burpees! They seem to be making their way into all my workouts, I am just prepping for the Spartan Beast. Joe Desena indicated in an email that I better get going on my burpees before the race in August so that’s exactly what I am doing!

More Rock Love

When we were on the way back I was reminded that maybe the pomme frites, fancy for french fries (it was that sort of restaurant), I had with dinner aren’t the best when mixed with a mojito when at one point I started to feel dinner come back up. Always a sign of a good workout!
When I got back from the run my pet rock was sitting on the porch lonely asking for some attention. I decided to give him a little love, still no name. He was rewarded with being picked up 100 times and thrust above my head. I had to cut it short after the run to give me time to hit the books.


Trail Run – Hinesburg, VT
Distance: 2.01 miles
Time: 27:26 (with burpees mixed in)
Elevation Gain:  527ft 
Elevation Loss: 317ft
Burpees: 10 at mile marker

Post Run: 100 Rock Cleans
Rock Weight: 23lb

Lastly, I have to thanks all the folks at Spartan Race for profiling, Dirt In Your Skirt and myself on their blog today. A huge thanks to Brian for writing the article and Carrie for posting me as a Spartan Chick. I am proud to join the ranks of some amazingly strong women! You can read Brian’s article —HERE—