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Day 24… Field of Dreams

Posted on June 30, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Future Death Racer? What happens when
she spends the afternoon with her aunt.

I wanted to start today’s post with a moment of gratitude to all the people who are following this blog and following the “Dirt In Your Skirt”Facebook page. I am overwhelmed and humbled by all the support from each and everyone of you! When I am having trouble getting out there for a workout, knowing you are there motivates me to get out and push a little harder. Many many thanks!!

OK, back to today and back to training for the Spartan Beast and World’s Toughest Mudder. Happy to report no poison parsnip last night it was just some scratches. After another 8 hour day in the classroom and couple hours babysitting my niece, I was happy to get on the trail alone for some introspective time. I covert the time that I can get on the trails and just be with myself, blocking out the rest of the world around me, other than that stump a step away. Ouch! I had a little bit better idea where I was going today but still managed to get lost and bushwhack through a farmers field. I hope he didn’t mind! The trails were nice and muddy as about 15 minutes before my run we had one of the VT torrential rain storms. Some of the trail was pretty slick but that made it all the more fun. I returned to the house muddy and happy and ready to dive back into homework. 

Hinesburg, VT
Distance: 2.12 Miles
Time: 23:23
Pace: 11.07/mi
Elevation Gain: 641ft 
Elevation Loss: 583ft

I have to mention for all those who followed during the Death Race, their were 4 women who finished the race. My earlier post only highlighted two. The other two women were Lisa Madden and Rebecca Hansen. A little about each woman, Lisa was coming back to attempt the race after finishing the 2010 Death Race. Their was never a doubt in my mind she would finish this race. She is seemed to be moving along the course with no problems each time she came into the check point. Rebecca on the other hand was a surprise to me. When I saw here in the middle of the night chopping and carrying wood I thought, “She doesn’t have a chance!” Oh, did she prove me wrong. After becoming friends with her on facebook, I realize now how wrong I was. Rebecca, I can only hope when I am in my 40’s I can accomplish what you do. I am sorry I ever doubted you finishing the Death Race. Congrats to you both! You are amazing women and I hope to join you in the elite club of women who have conquered this race.