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Day 28… Pushing Through

Posted on July 3, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

I have to start out by saying I hope yesterday’s post didn’t sound too negative. When I got back from the run it was almost 10PM and I can say I was cranky, tired, and hungry. When I got in my cold tub to soak my muscles my body was so worn down that I didn’t even feel the cold. It is only today with a little more clarity I can reflect back on my actions and feelings. It proved to me I have a long way to go before World’s Toughest Mudder‘s 24 -28 hours of racing and ultimately the Death Race with an unknown amount of race time.

But, that was yesterday, we learn and move on. Today’s plan was a six mile trail run. It is always hard on Sunday’s to get motivated and go out for this run as I am always sore and tired from my long runs on Saturdays. Today I decided instead of laboring about the run all day I would just do it in the morning. After a quick breakfast and A LOT of water, I got dressed to head out. The weather decided to play a cruel joke on me as it literally started to down pour as soon as I headed out for the run. About a mile or two in I heard thunder and saw lightening. This drastically changed my route plans, I stayed deep in the woods away from open fields for the next 2 or so miles. By the last couple of miles the storm had passed and as I got back onto the road headed for the last stretch before home it was as it it never rained. Oh, Mother Nature! Moments of today were hard to push through sore, tired, wet, and muddy but I kept going.

Killington, VT
Distance: 6.68 miles
Time: 1:32:43
Pace: 13’52″/mile

On another note a few people have mentioned about my determination and work ethic. This is something that has been ingrained in me at a young age. No, I have no military experience as some might have speculated. I have the utmost respect for those serving but I never did. What I did do was go to a ski academy for high school. I was an alpine ski racer. I spent my high school years on a strict athletic and academic regamine. I woke up each morning had a morning workout, then breakfast, school, lunch, school, afternoon workout, dinner, studyhall, bed, rinse, repeat in the fall and spring. In the winters I had a morning workout, breakfast, training on the mountain, lunch, school, afternoon workout, dinner, studyhall, bed. I can feel years of living this lifestyle help push me now as I am reaching for new goals of which a year ago I never thought I might be able to achieve. I look back now and thank all the coaches and teachers that instilled this work ethic into me as it continues to help drive me personally and professionally.

If you read this and are in the Killington area tomorrow for the 4th of July come by our town celebration and help support the Killington Fire Rescue of which I am a member. Off to spend the rest of the day setting up and organizing for the event tomorrow.